Is your network as good as it could be?

Bonded Internet™ –Insure Connection Reliability, Speed, Quality and Security.

IntrinsIQ’s Bonded Internet™ provides outage Insurance by taking diverse Internet lines from any number of providers and combines them to create a single, faster pipe for your network.

Do you need Internet Reliability?

Downtime got you down? Need a reliable network without interruptions?

Do you need more bandwidth?

Productivity at a standstill? Need more Bandwidth in an area that lacks infrastructure? Looking for specific up and down speeds?

VoIP and Application quality concerns?

Quality of Service(QoS) a concern for you apps? Need quality VoIP phone performance on a busy network?

Need Security?

Worried about your Data being viewed by Big data or malicious activity? Want to transfer files securely with no prying eyes?
Bonded Internet™ combines any connection types to create one giant pipe

The sum is truly greater than its parts.

As you move more and more applications to the cloud, your demand for bandwidth increases: more users, more information, wider highway. With Bonded Internet™, businesses can now bond FWA, DSL’s, Cable and virtually any other access connection to give themselves the bandwidth they need – in both directions.

With Bonded Internet™, there is virtually no limit to the amount of customized solutions you can create.